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25 February 2011 @ 07:45 pm

to all you lazy bastards... ....Collapse )
10 February 2011 @ 09:05 pm

I never did one of these for Isabelle and to be honest, I want to write a big long ass paragraph so I'm just going to go ahead and introduce her, just in case you or your characters don't really know who she is. Her name's Isabelle Ackerman, she's twenty years old and she's the personal assistant of the JBs. She's been working for them since the beginning of 2010 and has gotten really close with all the boys and all the family and crew and absolutely adores her job. She's really busy a lot of the time sorting things out for the guys but it's likely she's met quite a lot of the characters here because she pretty much follows the guys around everywhere they go. (A but stalkerish and unnecessary, but she get's paid so she ain't complaining.) She's a very career driven person and as soon as she got offered the job, she jumped at the opportunity. Although being very career orientated, religion is something that's really important to Isabelle and work doesn't get in the way of it. Obviously the Jonas' are pretty cool when it comes to stuff like that, so Isabelle will often be at the Synagogue or talking about God and the Torah etc etc. Although she's quite religious, Isabelle's pretty much a party girl at heart. Of course, on the job she keeps herself under control but at parties, she will drink and dance and sleep with random guys and stuff, with her job all the time, she hasn't really had time for a relationship and so she does have random flings just to keep herself sane although deep down she does hope she'll find someone soon. Basically if your characters wanna talk to Isabelle, she's a bit of an agony aunt and gives great advice on sex (right, Millie?) Nick usually is the one to experience Isabelle's rants about wrapping it and stuff, just because she loves to see him uncomfortable. But for her, feel free to plot me up!

This is Miley, she's eighteen and she's a ball of passionate energy, basically. She's very happy go-lucky in her attitude but not to the point where it's sickening, she's quite a practical and realistic person and hates being messed around. She's very headstrong, focused and driven in what she wants to do and doesn't really take crap from anyone, but loves being around people. She's a little social butterfly, always trying to meet new people and make new friends because she feels like she's pretty crap at keeping them for a long time, but she blames the fact on her shitty attempts at friends on the fact she's so busy all the time and doesn't hang out with her friends as much as regular kids her age would. Miley would pretty much know a lot of the characters here, closer with some than others but obviously she'll be friends with as many of them as possible because she loves meeting new people and making friends and generally all that cupcakes and rainbows stuff :3 Miley hates talking about the guys in her life and her relationships with random people, she prefers to keep shit like that to herself and a lot of the time, if you're not ridiculously close to her, she probably won't open up about issues like that or about her parents and stuff, so sometimes it's best not to ask; but if you did, it's likely she'd give you a really positive reply. Unless it's necessary, she tries not to be rude but she realises that sometimes it's the only way that you can get across to people. She hates the fame and attention she gets, she wishes everything would just be about the projects she does and it frustrates her that everyone's watching her all the time, but really she's quite regular - trying regular things and making her own decisions just because she can. So hit me up with friends / enemies / lovers, whatever you like bbs!

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11 January 2011 @ 05:46 pm
 so emily's lovesick video is coming out on the fourteenth so i thought she could host a viewing party or something?
just like close friends, watch the video at her house and everyone can hang out idk play air hockey or s/t
just a really chill, relaxed get together
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07 January 2011 @ 07:58 pm
Katie and Zero,, if you DNW me.. w/e. DNW DNW... haha ;DCollapse )
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06 January 2011 @ 06:16 pm
hola! this is kind of a hiatus, kind of, but not really. i'll just be sleeping a lot and i don't know how that'll affect me coming on. i've had a sore throat the past week and i completely lost my voice a few days ago, and it's all just kind of coming back. i've missed two and a half days of school too, so i'm trying to get everything done. plus, i have finals to study for. i'll still be on, i suppose, so im me or vanessa whenever you see us on. my aim is keezington and vanessa's is oh v what a lady! i reserved garbo too, so hopefully when i get on, i'll get on that. anyway, loge you all!
02 January 2011 @ 09:44 am
things are good (okay... ish) in my life again and i've been really missing role playing and stuff, so i'm back, and so is miley which means that you can use her aim/she will make and comment on journals again.

also i'm bringing in brian and his journal is brianldales . his aim is blameitonbdales (yeah, you have to know the summer set to understand that i guess).

if anyone wants to plan things with her, post a comment here or IM me at paiintingflowers.

27 December 2010 @ 08:35 am
 Sorry i havent been around lately. my life has been sucking and im involved in a lot of drama and havent been feeling up to role playing.
hopefully things will get better soon  
11 December 2010 @ 08:56 pm
OKAY! so clearly, I'm really tired and exhausted from squash - and yes all of you should know that.

BUT anyway! I am taking this time to tell you about this Thursday/Wednesday and how there will be two posts posted.

-Red Carpet Event (New Tron Movie - Disney - Everyone should be there). Why the heck, haven't we got a David Henrie yet? He is always at these things.
-An after party? Where? Who knows? - One of the lead actors places, that is given! But how, you may ask yourself, how did you get invited? - Well you may never know. But the point is! You're on the list and you really shouldn't question it. Otherwise they (who? we still don't know) might realize they made a typo and you're off the list and back to watching really lame movies by your lonesome.

Okay Red Carpet Event is really simple. Zeke Peke (a famous reporter - also a major dick head) will be asking you a few questions, you can leave at anytime. Or skip the interview all together, we all know Zac and Vanessa will try.
POST your neat dresses and suits and clothes or whatever there - and announce if you are taking someone, or going stag. An example will be posted and just reply to the first outfit! We will ask you to re-do it if you don't.

Any questions? Leave them here! I will try to answer them all asap!

Everyone is doing awesome! We love you guys! Keep up the good work!
- Katie